Aham Prema

Join me for A Month of Mantras!

What is a Mantra?

We will be using Sanskrit Mantras. Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, is very interesting as it uses the distinct vibration of the word it is describing. These vibrations used in mantras are called seed sounds. Mantras were created to bring desired outcomes to life. They allow your conscious mind to relax, serving as a useful tool you can use to free your mind!

“In Sanskrit, ‘man’ translates to mind, and ‘tra’ means to free from.”

Justine Crowley

A Few Tips

  • Recite the Mantra 108 times
  • 108 times in the morning and 108 times in the evening is most beneficial, and if done for 40 days consecutively can create a very noticeable, positive shift in your life (at the end of the 4 weeks you can take on this challenge with a Mantra that resonates with you; or if one just speaks to you right off the bat by all means go with it)
  • Mantras don’t have to be said out loud, in fact silently is just as beneficial if not more so
  • Some people find Mala Beads helpful to keep track of the chanting as well as to keep focused (you can find them on Amazon)
  • Listen to the Mantra being chanted to get familiar with the vibrations first (I will usually listen on YouTube to feel the vibrations of the words, or “seed sounds”, before repeating them myself to make sure I have the correct vibration)
  • There are many YouTube recordings of the Mantras, some with music some without (find one that resonates with you)

“Sanskrit mantras use seed sounds that create the actual vibration of the word it translates to. For example, ‘shreem’ is the seed sound of abundance, and it creates the actual vibration of abundance in the Universe.”

Justine Crowley


Obviously freeing your mind is a huge benefit, one that we all would love! Other benefits include:

  • Working at a deep level to create long lasting effects
  • Healing of Emotional, Physical and Spiritual imbalances and ailments
  • Targeting the root problem not just the symptoms
  • Improving focus
  • Increasing self awareness
  • Stress reduction
  • Increasing self compassion
  • Promoting positive outlook
  • Improving brain health, thus mood and wellbeing, energy and memory

Let’s Give It A Try!

Each week I will be sharing a new Mantra. This week we will be practicing

“Aham Prema”

Pronounced ah-hem-pree-mah this mantra helps to connect us to the divine love inside ourselves.

“This mantra is a wonderful way to start your day, or to calm yourself down in any stressful situation.”

Justine Crowley

Before You Begin

  • Get comfortable
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Allow your breathing and mantra to settle into a rhythm
  • As with any meditation your mind may begin to wander. Remember this is okay, just acknowledge it, don’t judge it, just peacefully redirect your attention back to the mantra and your breathing
  • Some videos have the mantras set to repeat 108 times so you don’t have to keep track. The initial goal is to get comfortable with the mantra though so don’t stress if you get off count! You can also set a timer or use the mala beads mentioned above. Focus on the Mantra!

Below is a video I found by Shivani Ma on YouTube that may be helpful in familiarizing yourselves with the vibration of this mantra. I am starting it at 7:00 minutes where she begins the mantra. If you would like to hear more about mantras you can play from the beginning. She repeats the mantra 108 times so you don’t have to worry about counting.

Also check out “How to Use Mala Beads for Meditation” by J. D. Friedman in the Resources below.


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