Have I Told You Lately…


Tomorrow, July 25 is Parents’ Day. Let’s take some time to CELEBRATE OUR PARENTS!

Thank You

Have you said “Thank You” to your parents lately? What are you thankful for….

  • The yummy food they make for you?
  • All the places they drive you?
  • Playing your favorite games?
  • Making you feel better when you’re sick or feeling blue?
  • Letting you join a club or sports team?
  • The way they cheer you on?
  • The hugs they give?
  • The clothes or toys they buy you?
  • The way they make you laugh?

Can you think of more?


Parents LOVE their children. They do whatever they can to make them happy! What can you do this weekend to show your parents how much YOU LOVE THEM?

I’m going to share some ideas with you at the end of our story today to do just that! In fact, you can have your parents visit my Activity Page and print a Parents’ Day Card that you can decorate for them! Get creative on the inside and draw everything you are thankful for and love about your parents. I know they will appreciate it!


Just like children, parents also love to laugh and have a good time! Today I’m going to read a funny story about kids and grownups. Snuggle up with your parents and laugh along as Sister and Brother put on a play about grownups…

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