Gratitude Garland


Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness. Let’s spend some time this month to express gratitude for what we are thankful for.

What a perfect time of year to express gratitude for what we are thankful for in our lives!

Gratitude Garland Challenge

As you are sharing what you are thankful for, have some fun and create your own gratitude garland. See how long you can make it! Keep going all month long (or longer) and add a loop every time you think of something you are thankful for. You can write what you are thankful for on each loop, or draw a picture of what you are thankful for for. Let’s get creative!


  • Cut 1 to 2-inch wide strips out of construction paper (use fall colors to emphasize the season and Thanksgiving if you wish).
  • Write or draw what you are thankful for on each loop.
  • Tape or glue the ends of your first strip together, forming a loop.
  • Insert the next strip of paper into the first loop, and then tape or glue the ends of your new strip together to interconnect the loops.
  • Continue.

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